2022 Annual Nightwing will have art by Eduardo Pansica

2022 Annual Nightwing will have art by Eduardo Pansica

The pet of Night WingHaley, will get her own origin story in November – and with the help of a Brazilian duo. Eduardo Pansica (Suicide Squad) and Julius Ferreira (Supergirl) will illustrate Nightwing Annual 2022, which will have a script signed by Tom Taylor (via Comicbook).

Check out the cover of the issue:

The story will follow the puppy’s early years alongside Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, who have rekindled their relationship in the current phase of the Nightwing series and are caring for the pup together.

In addition to Bitewing’s story, the issue, which will be released in the United States in November 29will also focus on the villain Heartless, introduced at the beginning of the new level played by Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas.

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