Acoustic Poetry: 1st place on Spotify with Luísa Sonza

Acoustic Poetry: 1st place on Spotify with Luísa Sonza

As we predicted, this one was quick! Less than two days after debuting, acoustic poetry #13 already leads the ranking of most played songs in Brazil on Spotify. The track that brings together nine singers rose 12 positions in the list from Wednesday (21) to Thursday (22), with 943 thousand reproductions. In 13 issues, it’s the first time the series has reached number one on the platform.

“After six years, we got our first spot on Spotify Brazil. Most listened to music in Brazil!”, celebrated Paulo Alvarez, founder of the Rio de Janeiro producer Pineapple Storm, responsible for the project, on Instagram.

The new edition of the Poesia Acústica project has quite a reinforcement: Luísa Sonza, one of the most popular singers in the country. The gaúcha closes the song, which also has other big names, such as Xamã, L7nnon, NINA, MC Cabelinho, Chris, Tz da Coronel, Oruam and Chefin.

Watch Acoustic Poetry #13

Video has Luísa Sonza, Xamã, L7nnon and more

In the video, she adopts a somewhat blasé character and acts more with Xamã, with whom she also interacts in the verses — both were attractions of the last Rock in Rio, as well as L7nnon.

Created as a series of Pineapple Storm videos in 2017, Poesia Acústica has become a popular phenomenon. The project is an exponent of the beloved and hated acoustic rap and usually comes out twice a year. The idea is to bring together several singers, from different genres, to rhyme over beats created by producer Malak.

In addition to the success on Spotify, the clip on YouTube was viewed over 5 million times in the first 24 hours.