Alok wants to shoot a video with Ellie Goulding in Brazil

Alok wants to shoot a video with Ellie Goulding in Brazil

After passing the mark 5 billion plays on SpotifyAlok prepares the release of the single All By Myselfpartnership with the singer Ellie Goulding and the DJ follow it, both British. The track arrives on platforms this Friday (7) and the DJ told how was the process of creating the song.

“Many things have changed since the pandemic. People began to connect more and more virtually. when i met her [Ellie Goulding] personally, the song was practically ready”, explained Alok during a press conference in which the Tangerine participated. “So it was a lot of WhatsApp and email groups. But to be honest, it was a smooth process. It was light.”

When asked about a future live performance opposite Ellie Goulding, Alok didn’t rule out the possibility. However, he stated that it would only happen after the release of the singer’s new album next year, and that it would be in Europe.

But not everything is lost. Asked about possible meetings with the British, Alok said that there is the possibility of a clip in Brazil. “We are planning to film in Brazil. I’m seeing if we can do this. We met and talked […] I think the next contact with her will be this clip, possibly recorded in Brazil.”

J Balvin and Anita


When asked about feats with other Latin artists, Alok says he still wants to work with Bad Bunny, J Balvin and maluma. The DJ also said that he started a feat with Anitta and Matuê that “it ended up not working”, but intends to conclude at some point.

Alok’s album will be inspired by the indigenous cause

About the release of the first album, Alok announced that the work will come out next year and that it will be inspired by indigenous roots. The DJ has already shown interest in acting in the indigenous cause during the United Nations General AssemblyIn September.

At the event, companies, institutions and specialists talked about how the entertainment industry can contribute to the re-signification of the imaginary about the identity of native peoples and their importance for a fair and sustainable future.

Alok recorded a performance on top of the UN building, alongside indigenous artists Mapu Huni Kui, Owerá MC and Yawanawa Group, which will also be released in 2023, with all proceeds going to indigenous artists. “I remember I was making music to hit the charts, while they were making music to take the cure,” he compared.

When asked how his interest in indigenous peoples came about, Alok says that, in 2013, he struggled with depression and sought inspiration in the Anauá village, in the heart of the Amazon.

“I realized that there is no more or less developed culture. They showed me how I reconnected with nature and I came to understand nature, see nature in a different way.”, explained the DJ. “We talk a lot about preserving nature, but we disconnected from it a long time ago. So how are you going to preserve something you don’t understand? We only take care of what we love.”