Ana Carolina remembers fun story with Cássia Eller ‘naked’

Ana Carolina remembers fun story with Cássia Eller 'naked'

In an interview with “Fantástico” (TV Globo), Ana Carolina recalled a fun story with Cássia Eller and talked about her new tour, “Ana Canta Cássia”.

According to the singer, the first time she performed in Rio de Janeiro, Cássia offered her apartment for her to stay in, as the two had a mutual friend. At that time, Ana was already a big fan of the singer.

She hesitated, but her friend insisted and they ended up staying at the artist’s house. In the morning, Ana Carolina was surprised by the singer walking naked through the living room.

“Lying in the living room, we sleep there. In the morning, I hear a horn. She comes, naked. She didn’t have a ring. She went to the window and made a joke like: ‘I’m going, wait a minute, I’m late!’. , there, cricket bug, you see the situation. […] I said to my friend: ‘Isn’t it better for us to leave?’ It’s a lie, I didn’t say that, I’m making it up “, she said.

The singer also spoke about the influence of Cássia Eller on her work and that she was “lucky” to be confused with the artist at the beginning of her career.

“I was completely influenced by Cassia’s singing. There’s no way not to say that I am influenced and will be influenced my whole life by this woman, by this singer, by this person”, he said.

Ana Carolina is touring the country with “Ana sings Cássia – It would be strange if I didn’t fall in love with you”. In the show, the singer presents hits by Cássia Eller in her voice.