Assane wants to start over in first season 3 teaser; Look

Assane wants to start over in first season 3 teaser;  Look

the third season of lupine had its first teaser revealed by Netflix during Tudum. The video, which shows the protagonist Assane looking for a fresh start alongside his family, can be seen above.

The platform also revealed the synopsis for the new year: “Assane is in hiding. He tries to stay away from his wife and son, but he knows that they are both suffering because of him. The homesickness becomes unbearable and Assane decides to return to Paris with a bold proposal. : fleeing France to start a new family life in another part of the world. The problem is that the ghosts of the past insist on staying close, and an unexpected return will shake all plans”.

Lupine part 3 still doesn’t have a date to hit Netflix, but it should continue to follow Assane’s adventures (Omar Sy), a skilled thief who mirrors the protagonist of Arséne Lupin, a classic of French literature.

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