BBB 23: Lexa praises MC Guimê’s ‘vision’: ‘It’s not a soap dish’

BBB 23: Lexa praises MC Guimê's 'vision': 'It's not a soap dish'

Lexa, 28, is one of the main attractions of the GRLS festival, held in São Paulo this Saturday (4). The singer commented backstage on the participation of MC Guimê in BBB 23.

“He went to play, he’s not a soap maker. He’s being smart, with a very cool vision,” he said in conversation with journalists at the event.

Asked about which participants offer “danger” to the singer in reality, Lexa said that her husband is aware.

“He has his eyes wide open, he has put on the wall those who are not good for his game. Now it’s time to follow the heart, and I’ll be here on the outside supporting”.

“I’ve been following a lot, but I haven’t seen the last two days. I was in New York to enjoy a little. I’m also a child of God”, joked Lexa.

Recently, the singer went viral on social networks when commenting on a curious moment of MC Guimê at the house. The singer wore white underwear during the shower, which generated comments on the networks.

‘Women can be whatever they want’

Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes also performed at the GRLS festival. She commented on the importance of bringing together female artists in a single event.

“A woman can be whatever she wants. We have to be respected in our diversity, capacity and intelligence, regardless of our position”, said the singer.

“May the new generation of musicians have the possibility to express themselves. They are inspired by other artists, as happened to me, but they also bring innovations”.

GRLS Festival

The GRLS Festival, with a program formed only by women, takes place this Saturday (4) and Sunday (5) at the Tietê Sports Center, in São Paulo.

Today, the event features the attractions of Sandy, JoJo, Duda Beat, Mariah Angeliq, Margareth Menezes, Lexa and Rachel Reis.