BTS announces military service break

BTS announces military service break

Due to an exception in South Korea’s mandatory military service law, BTS had no escape and announced that will take an official break as a group so that its members can enlist in the army. The idol Jin reached the age limit proposed by law and will need start the process at the end of October.

According to the Bighit Music labelthe group should return to the studios and stages only in 2025. “BTS members are currently moving forward with plans to fulfill your military service. Group member Jin will begin the process once his schedule for his solo release is completed in late October,” the team said in a press release obtained by Variety.

“He will then follow the procedure of Korean government enlistment. other group members plan to carry out their military service based on their own individual plans.”

After performing a gigantic show in support of Busan’s candidacy to host the World Expo 2030, the group returns to their hiatus and returns to focus on their individual careers. “With the release of their first anthology album earlier this year, the way was opened to allow the members to take some time to explore individual projects. As part of the Hybe family, we support and encourage our artists and are proud that each of them will now have the time to explore their unique interests and fulfill their duty in serving the country they call home.”

“Following the phenomenal show to support Busan’s candidacy for World Expo 2030, and as each individual embarks on solo endeavors, it’s the perfect time and the members of BTS are honored to serve.”

Under South Korean law, “all physically able Korean men must serve active duty in the armed forces for 18 to 22 months.” BTS’ success was causing several discussions about the definition. In 2019, a review of the rule established the possibility for globally recognized K-pop singers to defer enlistment until age 30, in what became known as the “BTS Law.”

Jin, who turns 30 on December 4, will have a brief period to focus on his solo career until he begins his mandatory military service. The remaining members have yet to announce when they will comply with the law, but they are expected to follow the bandmate’s path soon.