CPM 22: What to expect from the show at Rock in Rio 2022

CPM 22: What to expect from the show at Rock in Rio 2022

O CPM 22 won the favor of those who climb the national bands on the Mundo stage, at Rock in Rio. The São Paulo rock group debuted at the festival in 2015, returned in 2019 with the Raimundos and is, once again, in the line-up in 2022. And always on the main stage.

The new show is scheduled for September 8, which will also feature attractions such as Guns N’ Roses, Maneskin and The Offspring.

The explanation goes far beyond an evident lack of creativity on the part of the curator. CPM 22 delivers what the Rock in Rio production expects from the national attraction of the Mundo stage: a handful of hits that played on the radio, energy/stuff to handle the responsibility of playing in front of a crowd and a show that warms up the works of the night.

Seems easy, but it is not. Therefore, the bands that pass the test of the debut, end up coming back several times – the others hardly get another chance. CPM 22 was so approved in 2015 that it even turned the show at Rock in Rio into a live album/DVD, released in 2016. See below:

Watch the CPM 22 show at Rock in Rio 2015

Registration is a good warm-up for the 2022 presentation

Currently, the band is on a commemorative tour for 25 years on the road – completed in 2020, but the pandemic ended up postponing the festivities.

Cancellation made CPM 22 change lineup

In 2020, too, CPM lost two members of its classic lineup. Drummer Japinha left the group after a conversation with a 16-year-old girl was reported anonymously on Twitter. Faced with the decision of the other members to fire Japinha, bassist Fernando Sanches announced his departure.

Today, the band has Badauí (vocals), Luciano Garcia (guitar), Phil Fargnoli (guitar), Ali Zaher (bass) and Daniel Siqueira (drums).

Recently, CPM 22 released the single and video for Tudo Vale a Pena?, a partnership with Sérgio Britto, from Titãs. It is likely that the novelty will appear at the Rock in Rio show alongside the nostalgic hits released in the first half of the 2000s.

Probable CPM 22 setlist

  • October afternoon
  • The World Goes Around
  • I do not know how to live without you
  • Slaves
  • Yesterday
  • Everything is worth it?
  • One Minute to the End of the World
  • instant happiness
  • Bets & Certainty
  • Inevitable
  • Regina Let’s Go
  • For a while
  • Days ago
  • Suspect