Dead for 45 years, singer is the target of conspiracy theories

Dead for 45 years, singer is the target of conspiracy theories

45 years ago, the king of rock left his throne. Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, aged 42, in the bathroom of Graceland, his famous mansion in Memphis (USA). Since then, the singer’s death has been shrouded in several controversies, such as the real cause of death and also the fact that his autopsy was kept secret by the family until 2027.

If on the one hand Elvis’ death is surrounded by mysteries, on the other hand conspiracy theories claim that the king is still alive. That’s because, shortly after the singer’s death, fans claimed they had seen him, and a woman even said that she had received a call from the singer himself. There are several wild ideas that the artist has not died yet and just wanted to put his fame aside to live in anonymity.

splash separated some of the most widespread so you know what these crazy hypotheses are and choose your favorite.


Among the most talked about Elvis still being alive, one of them says that he faked his death because he was tired of dealing with fans and the problems he had to face with the life of an artist. Therefore, he would have changed country and the chosen place would be a neighbor of Brazil: Argentina.

Once in South America, the king of rock would have adopted John Burrows, a name used by him at various times in his career.


Another idea about what would have happened to the musician also involves going to Argentina, but the justification is a little more complex. In this case, Elvis Presley would be part of a witness protection program.

He would have infiltrated a criminal organization, but they discovered that the singer worked for the police. For his safety, he left the country and was supposedly presumed dead.

At home

There are those who believe that Elvis stayed at Graceland after his faked death. This theory was substantiated when photographer Mike Joseph took a picture of the site and a figure very similar to the artist appears in a window.

As was later reported, the image was of Jimmy Presley, a cousin of the singer.

Elvis Presley is the subject of conspiracies

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Las Vegas

In the last years of his life, Elvis played fixed shows in Las Vegas, a place also known for having several doppelgangers of the artist. That is, the perfect place for him to live after having “died”.

The king of rock could even wear his clothes and speak with his familiar voice. If he were recognized, he could only claim to be an actor posing as Presley.


Former pastor Bill Beeny has gone to great lengths in an attempt to prove Elvis is alive. For this, he claims to have blood samples from the body that was in the coffin and, according to him, the DNA is not the same.

The conspiracy theorist even released the book “Elvis’ DNA Proves He’s Alive”, something like “Elvis’ DNA Proves He’s Alive” in free translation into Portuguese.


Elvis served in the Army for a period of his life, even rising to the rank of sergeant. But his burial did not feature military honors. To give you an idea, the coffin was not covered with the US flag, as usual.

Conspirators believe that the singer’s father did not approve of the pomp as his son was not buried.