Dinho Ouro Preto dances to the sound of a choir against Jair Bolsonaro

Dinho Ouro Preto dances to the sound of a choir against Jair Bolsonaro

Vocalist of Capital Inicial, Dinho Ouro Preto danced on stage at Rock in Rio 2022 while the audience led a chorus against Jair Bolsonaro. He even skipped the vocals of a chorus by Fatima so as not to interrupt the protests. “Long live Brazilian democracy. There will be no hit. It must be said that ignorance and violence will not pass”, he declared when amending the performance in Que País é Esse.

The audience’s spirits continued high on the following track: a cover of Should I Stay or Should I Go, by The Clash, very well accompanied by Yves Passarell’s guitar.

For the eighth time at Rock in Rio, Capital Inicial opened the Mundo stage this Friday (9). The show served as the tour’s debut in celebration of the band’s 40th anniversary, which brought more loaded arrangements, a novelty for songs already so well known by the festival’s audience.

“Life begins at 40. Today is our birthday party. Let’s have fun”, said singer Dinho Ouro Preto when saying good night to the audience on a “full moon Friday”, as he described it.

Excited, Dinho showed a good performance on stage and did not skimp on interactions with the audience at Rock in Rio. He faced vocal problems after contracting Covid-19 in 2020. The most memorable moment was First Mistakes, which won a long chorus from the audience. “You are all going to sleep well today. A kind of group therapy”, he celebrated at the end of the track.

The band opened the show with Quatro Vezes Você, but won over the audience on the second track, Independência. The proper sound of the speakers during the presentation (a rarity in the main stages of the festival), was only disturbed by some microphonic noises, present in the first half of the show.

Olhos Vermelhos, from the album Rosas e Vinho Tinto (2002) won a guitar-guided version. The performance ended with Natasha and A Maneira dela. Despite the recognition of the public, they did not conquer the same commotion of the more politicized moments.