Director of Nada de Novo no Front prefers to beat Argentina in the Cup

Director of Nada de Novo no Front prefers to beat Argentina in the Cup

Choosing between beating Argentina in the oscar or on the football field it’s easy for the German director Edward Berger. Even having just received a golden statuette for Nothing New on the Frontvoted Best International Film, he was categorical at the press conference on Sunday night (12): “it’s better to beat Argentina in the World Cup”.

The statement was given amid laughter, as the filmmaker himself admitted that this is not very common for the German team. But beyond his passion for the sport, Berger revealed that he never saw the Oscar race as a rivalry.

“Being in the same room as Santiago [Mitre, diretor de Argentina, 1985], watching his movie and watching him talk about it didn’t feel competitive. I get much more pissed off at a football match. Perhaps it sounds sentimental, but I felt something quite brotherly. We were sitting there and we knew we had done our best. In the end, it’s up to the Gods to decide who gets what. And I know Santiago, I love his film ”, he said, without returning to the football rivalry. “I am looking forward to the next match between Argentina and Germany. I hope Germany takes this one!”

Nada de Novo no Front won the competition for Best International Film, defeating not only Argentina, 1985, but also Close (Belgium), EO (Poland) and The Quiet Girl (Ireland). Previously, the film’s team had already spoken about the challenges of recreating World War I for the feature.

The 2023 Oscar’s biggest winner was All and Everywhere at the Same Time, which won in 7 categories, including Best Picture, Best Director (Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert) and Best Actress (Michelle Yeoh). Behind came the German Nada de Novo no Front, with 4 wins, and A Baleia, with 2 – including Best Actor for Brendan Fraser.

The night featured a performance by Jimmy Kimmel, who made jokes about the lack of representation among the nominees and Will Smith’s infamous slapping of Chris Rock last year.