Duda Brack debuts show after the end of Beyond the Illusion

Duda Brack debuts show after the end of Beyond the Illusion

One of the highlights of Beyond the Illusion (2022), Duda Brack turns attention to music career after focusing on acting. She debuts tour this Friday (14), in a continuation of the promotion of her second studio album, Glass shard (2021). The singer explains that the show presents a new phase in her life. “I am in a moment of fullness, more solar. I’ve already broken everything I had to break. I’ve already cured it”, she jokes about the name of the last project.

After experiencing rock on disco IT IS (2015), Duda became more familiar with pop on her second album, which had tough themes involving political issues and troubled love relationships. The project won just three shows before the Porto Alegre-born artist debuted as an actress in Globe. “It is impossible to reconcile soap operas with a show”, she explains to Tangerine. “Now, I’m returning, but I already feel like doing something else in music.”

The new tour is named after Duda Brack On The Track With Whom It Mattersborrowing a verse from the song Take that, a cry for freedom after the end of a toxic relationship. The show brings together tracks from both albums, with more solar arrangements, as well as covers of BayanaSystem, Rosalia and Pablo Vittar.

The presentation in São Paulo takes place at the Studio SP, at 23:00 this Friday (14). Tickets are on sale through the platform eventim. “It will be the first time that we do the show with the audience standing, singing, dancing and drinking, since the beginning of the pandemic”, she says.

The idea is to create a vibrant space to enliven the audience. “This has to do with my moment of maturity as an artist and as a woman, of being able to continue a feminine, feminist and political discourse from a lighter place”, she defines.

The presentation will also feature the participation of Francisco Gil, member of the Gilsons and son of Preta Gil. Longtime friends, the two will meet by chance: Fran will be in town for the Novabrasil Festival, which takes place this weekend (15th and 16th). “He said he wanted to watch my show. I said: ‘So, you’re going to sing in it’”, jokes Duda. The two will interpret songs from both discographies, in addition to a cover of Sérgio Sampaio.

‘Put the bubble’

The invitation to audition for Beyond the Illusion came about after a casting producer watched a Duda Brack show. “I loved doing the soap opera and I want to do many more. But what I most want to do is cinema,” she reveals. The break in her work as a singer also brought learning.

According to her, the telenovela “is a very collective and segmented art”. “It has a huge structure, with a wonderful team, so that everything works”, justifies the singer. “In music, I need to sing, dance, compose, think about the band, aesthetics and arrangements. I enjoy directing the construction of the project, but it is much more exhausting.”

“The soap opera takes a break to resume the show with that gas to be responsible for everything”, compares Duda Brack. Immersion in acting also brought results on stage. “People who have seen me say that I am more potent on stage.”

The singer also celebrates the exposure she gained in the role of the villain Yolanda Flores. “Maybe a small part of the population doesn’t watch TV, with streaming, which is getting stronger. But people watch TV. This is really cool because it punctures the bubble,” he explains. She cites moments when she was recognized by app drivers, security guards and even candy sellers at the traffic light on the way home, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

“My music never reached these people. I think this place is very powerful and ends up converting”, analyzes Duda Brack. “They arrive on my social network, saying that they met me in the soap opera and want to go to my show. Slowly, one thing feeds the other.”

Take that

Duda Brack’s music inspires new tour title