Dudu Nobre asks for privacy after his daughter was abused

Dudu Nobre asks for privacy after his daughter was abused

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01/12/2023 08:23 amUpdated on 01/12/2023 09:40 am

Dudu Nobre used social networks to repudiate people who are supposedly giving interviews about his daughter Olivia’s case. The young woman was the victim of abuse on Sunday and the Civil Police are investigating the case in secrecy.

Singer criticizes alleged interviews about his daughter’s case: “While my daughter was testifying, I was surprised by the news that there were people giving live interviews and talking about matters that should have been kept confidential.”

In an excerpt from the note posted on social networks on Wednesday, Dudu Nobre asks his family for respect. “I ask you once again: respect our pain, and especially her pain,” he wrote.

Abuse of Dudu Nobre’s daughter

The Extra newspaper reported that Olívia Nobre was the victim of sexual abuse on Sunday, while at a party at Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro. The information was confirmed by the young woman’s mother, Adriana Bombom.

  • Report by Adriana Bombom: 20-year-old daughter would have gone to the party with her friends;

  • Actress statement on the case: “Hi, beloved, it is with a lot of pain in my heart and a lot of indignation that I come here to inform you that, after celebrating my birthday in a restaurant, from Saturday to Sunday, my daughter Olívia Nobre, 20 years old, was invited by some of her friends to go to a party at a house in Recreio dos Bandeirantes/RJ. On the occasion, she was the victim of serious sexual abuse, which is already being investigated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro”;

  • Confidential investigation: in addition to highlighting the secrecy of the case, Adriana Bombom asked everyone to respect her privacy at this time;

  • Calculation: splash found that the case was registered at the 42nd DP, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes.