Friday Releases: Feat. great by Anitta with Mc Ryan SP, hymnbook by Marina Sena and return from Kesha; check out!

Friday Releases: Feat.  great by Anitta with Mc Ryan SP, hymnbook by Marina Sena and return from Kesha;  check out!

This week’s Friday came with a taste of an extended holiday! To make your schedule even more lively, “Friday Releases” is filled with hymns that will make your playlist even more special for you to enjoy a lot. Come check it out:

Anita feat. MC Ryan SP

The cycle has come to an end. To end the releases through the partnership with Warner Music, Anitta released the song “Vai Vendo” on all streaming platforms. The track is a collaboration with MC Ryan SP, in which the star explores the cheesy funk genre. Recently, the malandra released “Nu”, feat. with the duo Hitmaker. Now, she follows the work in the world of music together with Republic Records, an arm of Universal Music that is one of the three main record labels in the world. Her power!

Marina Sena

Ready to lie back in her smile? After the success of “De Primeira”, Marina Sena released her long-awaited second studio album, “Vício Inerente”. With twelve tracks, the work shows the artist more sensual than ever when betting on a modern pop. “Dano sarrada”, “Everything to love you” and “Me to win” are some of the songs that will make you put the name of the album into practice. To crown the novelty, the singer will also make available the incredible video clip for “Olho no gato”.

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Luan Santana

The last romantic has a first and last name. To start work on the DVD “Luan City 2.0”, Luan Santana released the song “Deus É Tudo Bom”. The track won a video clip with images recorded for the audiovisual release during a mega presentation by the singer in Belo Horizonte, which took place in March of this year.

The National feat. Taylor Swift

The partnership worked so well that he was entitled to a triple dose! After Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Bryan Devendorf participated in the album “Folklore”, and vocalist Matt Berninger sang in “Coney Island”, from the album “Evermore”, it was Taylor Swift’s turn to participate in a work by The National. The band released “First Two Pages of Frankenstein”, which features the song “The Alcott”. The track has the vocals of pop’s greatest blonde and brought the already established style of collaborations between the artists. Repeat is guaranteed on this one.


The comeback of respect! Kesha is back in the music business after three years without solo releases. To overcome all the longing felt by fans, she released not one, but two songs. “Eat The Acid” and “Fine Line” are the first singles from the singer’s upcoming album, “Gag Order”, set to be released on May 19th. The songs also already bring a bit of pop sound that the star intends to explore in the new album.


He is very euphoric, yes! Labrinth released his new album, “Ends & Begins”. The novelty has twelve songs, in addition to incredible collaborations, such as the already known “Never Felt So Alone”, which has the vocals of none other than Billie Eilish. Another artist who also participated in the album was Zendaya. The protagonist of “Euphoria” sang along with the British in the track “The Feels”. After so many soundtracks, the meeting of the giants came too soon!

Niall Horan

Don’t do it like that, otherwise everyone collapses for you! Niall Horan released “Meltdown”, the second bet on the album “The Show”. The song is a rant from the star about the anxious moments in his life. At one point, he even confesses to his fans that if they feel that way, he’ll be there for them too. Very cute! The song even came with a beautiful lyric video.

Rita Ora

Partnership in life and art! Rita Ora finally released the music video for “Praising You”, feat. of the singer with Fatboy Slim. The production was directed by award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, the singer’s husband. Oh, oh… the love! The audiovisual record showed the artist rocking the dance along with other dancers. [O post será atualizado assim que o videoclipe for divulgado]

Baby Rexha

The wait was well worth it! Over the last few months, Bebe Rexha has been releasing some of the songs from her upcoming album, “Bebe”. Now, the work can finally be heard in full. In all, the star’s third album delivered twelve songs, including the hit “I’m Good Blue”, feat. with David Guetta, and “Heart Wants What It Wants”. However, the highlight is the collaboration with the icon Dolly Parton in “Seasons”. The track won a music video all in black and white.

Jessie Ware

Are you feeling how good it is? The British singer presented what is a taste of freedom in her new album “That! Feels Good! Over ten songs, the artist spoke through the lyrics about letting everything happen naturally and even encouraged listeners to do the same. The tracklist features the anthems “Free Yourself”, “Begin Again” and “Pearls”, which won a remix with Pabllo Vittar.

Jack Harlow

He surprises him! Much to the delight of fans, Jack Harlow announced a new full-length album out of the blue and gave it reason to belong in the first class. “Jackman” is the rapper’s new hymnal and succeeds the acclaimed “Come Home The Kids Miss You”, from 2022. And the news doesn’t stop there, because on May 19 he will make his debut as an actor in the film “White Men Can’t Jump”. [O post será atualizado assim que o álbum for divulgado]

Loubet and Ana Castela

Now you can leave the boots and the cowboy hat separate for this play. Loubet, considered the forerunner of agribusiness, invited Ana Castela to “What Happens in the Roça Stay in the Roça”. The composition portrays the story of a couple who can only date from the gate to the inside. Jeez! Of course, a very bubblegum chorus could not be missing, perfect to guarantee another hit.

Luiza Martins

After the success of part one of the audiovisual “Continua”, Luiza Martins released the continuation of the project, which is the singer’s first solo work. This time, she decided to present her more romantic side to the public through the unpublished “Eu Me Precipitai”. In addition, the release features the re-recording “Pode Sumir” and the feat. with Matheus and Kauan in “Cê Não Me Superou”.

Vanessa Camargo

No one holds her anymore! Wanessa Camargo started a new phase in her career with the album “Livre: ATO 1”. The project was inspired by the star’s own personal evolution process and will be divided into three acts. In this first stage, the singer has already released the title track, which arrived accompanied by a video clip about her journey to find freedom in the midst of fame.


A voice is a voice and Halle proved it in her version of “Part of Your World” for the live-action “The Little Mermaid”. In addition to the iconic music from the classic, Disney also released a clip with some scenes of Ariel, played by the singer, to quell a little bit of curiosity for those who are anxiously awaiting the feature. Come soon!


Showing that he really is a hitmaker, Jason Derulo released the upbeat “Glad You Came”. Already Diploma got everyone dancing on the floor with the album “Thomas Wesley: Chapter 2 – Swamp Savant”. matheuzinho It is Clayton & Romário did the feat. unprecedented for the single “Choro com Gosto”. The owner of the voice! taeyanga member of the Big Bang group, released the album “Down To Earth”, which features wonderful partnerships with Jimin, from BTS, and Lisa, from Blackpink.

Continuing the promotion of the album “Depois do Fim”, Lagum literally set the house on fire in the title track’s music video. AND David Kneip, it’s OK? The singer from Minas Gerais threw himself into funk in his new bet, “Colinho do Vagabundo”, together with Ramon on Beat. Rapper Coi Leray delivered it all on the track “Body”. Combo success of pagoda to cheer up your weekend! The group KAMISA 10 released the EP “Na Vibe Do K10 (Ao Vivo)”, while Marvvilla released the wonderful single “#Sextei” and Di Purpose released the song “I’m Feeling Lack”. To close the list with a golden key, Miguel released the song “Give It To Me”.

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