Hitmaker: Producers of pop divas debut at Rock in Rio

Hitmaker: Producers of pop divas debut at Rock in Rio

Darling of Brazilian pop divas like Luísa Sonza and Lexa, the duo hitmaker prepares to debut as attraction of Rock in Rio. formed by Wallace Vianna and Pedro Breder, the double will take the Coca-Cola stage on Saturday (3), at 10pm. “We bring all the music we already had and mix it with new experiences, it’s a really cool show. For Rock in Rio, we are creating a lot of exclusive news”, says Breder.

The process to reach the Rock City it was long. Vianna started the songwriting project together with André Vieira, who today serves as the manager of the Hitmaker duo. They met on the internet and had their first success in 2013, with Beijinho no Ombro, by Valesca Popozuda. In 2016, Breder joined the group and soon they started producing tracks too, starting a hit factory, as the company name already advanced.

They became known in the industry. produced combatywith Anitta, Lexa, Rebecca and Luisa Sonzain addition to the entire album pandora (2019), by Luísa, and hits by Kevinho and Renan da Penha. In 2020, Vianna and Breder took another step. They came from behind the scenes to launch an artistic career of their own under the same name as Hitmaker. Since October 2021, they have been performing in Brazil, presenting original tracks and other hits produced.

Hitmaker’s latest release was one timefeat com MC Marifrom Bahia who reached the top of the most listened in Brazil with Bandit in this year. “We didn’t know her personally, but she was already a big fan”, says Wallace in an interview with Tangerine. “When we wrote the song, we thought it looked like her. She was on board right away and even put her own identity in the song.”

Listen Uma Vezinha, feat of Hitmaker with MC Mari

Bahian singer became known for the hit Bandido

Hitmaker at Rock in Rio

“The first thing I did was cry”, recalls Wallace Vianna about the moment he learned that Hitmaker would play at Cidade do Rock. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he says he had a dream of being able to recreate the effect he felt when he heard sound of black, from Amilcka and Chocolate. “This song moved me a lot as a child. People felt represented by her,” he explains.

The realization took place with the composition and production of Favela Chega, a partnership of ludmilla and Anitta released in 2019. The Hitmaker member says that the track would be performed by the two together at Rock in Rio the same year. “At the time, Rock in Rio didn’t embrace funk, but I wanted this song to play there,” he says.

“Unfortunately, they fought and Rock in Rio authorized them to perform on separate stages”, explains Vianna. The two included Favela has arrived in the setlist, Anitta in the world stage and Ludmilla in sunset. “We could see two singers, women, from the community, winning, breaking another barrier, with all the representation they carried with them, and singing a song that we dreamed could be the anthem of Rock in Rio. Do you know the Law of Attraction? There, I saw that it really existed.”

Now, another dream comes true. This will be Wallace Vianna’s first time in the City of Rock. Hitmaker has been rehearsing daily between four and five hours and promises unique moments on stage at the event.

Hit Factory

The name Hitmaker brings charges. Wallace says he gets requests from singers for a hit song “more than good morning.” But the formula is not so simple. “Music is a part of the artist’s career. There’s a whole thing behind it: your experience, if your show is cool… We try to make a potential hit if the artist wants to, but we can’t nail anything. It’s the people who rule in the end and choose whether it’s a hit or not”, comments Pedro Breder.

The duo explains that they try to maintain the objective of creating remarkable songs, whether through a bubblegum melody, a hit phrase or even the simple phonetic separation of the “hi-t-ma-ker”, sung at the beginning of their productions. Wallace compares the compositions with other situations. “You relate to countless people in your life, but some do something that marks you, positively or negatively. Took the first horn, marked you. Received a marriage proposal, tagged you. When other people pass by without doing anything different, you don’t even remember them”, he compares.

The technique does not exclude the importance of Hitmaker keeping an eye on new trends in the market. “I think we cannot be a denialist in relation to the TikTok, is a reality”, adds Wallace. “But we don’t just make music for the platform. I can’t think of a romantic song with a little dance in the middle. You cannot miss the essence of the song, it has to be natural.”