Kim Kardashian spends the night cooking and the networks criticize her

Kim Kardashian se pone a cocinar como una posesa y las redes la critican

Kim Kardashian just had her third childby surrogacy, and has returned to the networks to show us a facet that until now we did not know about her: the culinary. Compulsive ‘cookies’. It all started with a photo of some mac & cheese that she was preparing, under the title “Cooking Tonight”. Little did his followers know the magnitudes of the feast that Kim was preparing. His cooking demonstration had only just begun.

His stories then became a non-stop of dishes and recipes of the most varied, enough to feed the entire KarJenner clan. Kim wanted to share step by step the meals that he was preparing so that his followers could take good note and try it at home. Finishing off the macaroni and cheese, Kim set about boiling beans, peeling vegetables, roasting chicken, and churning out sauces in industrial quantities and with a kitchen team worthy of the best restaurant. “I wish you guys could smell it,” Kim sighed over the sweet potato soufflé she was putting in the oven.


the celebrity shared her cooking tipslike the ones you use to get a crunchier cornbread (a kind of bread made with corn flour): spread the molds with butter and sprinkle them with sugar before pouring the batter. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Kim poured a good drizzle of honey into each mold before putting it in the oven. “Here are my cornbread muffins!”, She let out excited after the result.


And the most ‘foodie’ Kim has made a confession: her love for the fryer, that appliance so loved and hated in equal parts. “This is by far my favorite part of the kitchen: the fryer,” He told his followers. Kim pulled the fryer to prepare chicken wings, a most nostalgic recipe for the businesswoman: “You will not understand, but I’ve been making these wings since high school. When I told my colleagues from back then, they wrote to me: ‘What memories!’ Jamaican chicken, on the other hand, is my first time doing it.”


Finally, Kim has shared the result of hours in the kitchen: mac & cheese, beans with bacon, rice with broad beans, chicken in Jamaican sauce, sweet potato soufflé, chicken wings and cornbread. Almost nothing! How to feed a regiment! The businesswoman, however, has not shied away from cleaning and collecting everything while I was cooking.


But what for Kim was a fun time turned into criticized by some users, those who do not stop judging absolutely any movement of the celebrity. The fact that she (who had acknowledged reducing her training time to be able to exercise while the little girl slept), dedicated herself to cooking for a few hourshas been a reason for reproaches in the networks, for being neglecting her daughter newborn while preparing this feast.


Do you have nurses and nannies to take care of your children for you? I just became a mother and obviously you don’t take much care if you can find time to cook such a large amount of food, “one user reproached him. “How the hell does Kim Kardashian have time to cook? all that food having a newborn? I don’t even have time to make myself some noodles some nights and mine is five months old!” commented another. “Kim Kardashian’s baby was just born and she is sharing how she cooks for the first time in ten yearsadded another. Luckily, there has also been some other praise for Kim’s cooking side: “I’m at work salivating over your fried chicken!” one follower commented.

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