Laika Previews Wildwood, Announces Mahershala Ali As Voiceover

Laika Previews Wildwood, Announces Mahershala Ali As Voiceover

THE Laika Studios revealed a new preview of the film wildwoodtheir first release since missing link2019. The production, based on the homonymous book by Colin Meloy, follows the story of a young woman in search of her brother; Check it out below (via Deadline):

The studio also announced its voice cast, headed by Carey Mulligan and Mahershala Ali. Besides them, they are in the animation Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Tremblay, awkwafina, Angela Bassett, Jake Johnson, Charlie Day, Amandla Stenberg, Jemaine Clement, Maya Erskine, Tantoo Cardinal, Tom Waits and Richard E. Grant.

Promising a magical, enchanting and dangerous journey, the production follows the story of Mac, a young woman who is faced with a journey to recover her brother, who has been taken by an unknown creature to a city that, theoretically, no one knows exists at all. truth.

with direction of Travis Knight and script of Chris ButlerWildwood does not yet have a release date.

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