Lea Thompson still wants to direct a sequel

Lea Thompson still wants to direct a sequel

Lea Thompsonactress of the first version of Howard the Superhero, still hasn’t given up on making a sequel to the film. The 1986 film is considered a fiasco in the history of comic book movies and made Robin Williams give up the role in the first week, giving the vacancy to Chip Zienwhich dubs the character.

The actress told The Tonight Show that she was in the office of Marvel to suggest the project. “I was there to release a Howard the Superhero movie with Chip Zdarsky, who did the comic book, the last issue of the character’s comic book.”

Howard the Superhero ultimately proved a critical and financial failure, winning four Golden Raspberries, including worst picture; and grossing less than $40 million at the box office around the world.

The character appeared again on film, in the MCU, in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame.

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