Mexican rapper distributes marijuana inside church in clip

Mexican rapper distributes marijuana inside church in clip

Mexican rapper Alemán sparked controversy on social media after recording a video at the Sanctuary of Guadalupano, in Mexico City, in which he appears handing out marijuana cigarettes.

Wearing a purple cassock, the artist is at the altar and distributes marijuana cigarettes, as if they were hosts representing the body of Jesus Christ in the Catholic mass, to the men and women who passed in front of him.

According to the newspaper El País, Father Luis Armando González Torres from the Sanctuary of Guadalupano authorized Alemán to record the video for his next single.

But the images shared on social networks generated a lot of criticism, with the indignation of Catholics.

Faced with criticism from parishioners, the priest in charge of the enclosure went public to clarify the situation.

He explained that he authorized the recording in the sanctuary’s facilities and that only the moment when the rapper is on top of the sanctuary was shared on the internet, taking the situation out of context.

The priest also emphasized that he authorized the recording of the clip, but pointed out that the rapper and his team could not go up to the altar. However, the artist would not have fulfilled the agreement. And he also explained that he did not lend the cassock and that the clothing was provided by the artist’s team.

“The doors are open, as Pope Francis says, and we are no one to judge anyone’s life,” said the priest.

Finally, parish priest Luis Armando apologized to Catholics who were offended by Alemán’s presence at the altar.

Alemán also commented on what happened on his social networks.

“This video is an apology to all those people who came to feel offended, (…) . the rapper.