Rodrigo Teaser: Cover of Michael bets on authorship

Rodrigo Teaser: Cover of Michael bets on authorship

After touring the United States and Asia as a cover of Michael Jackson (1958-2009), Rodrigo Teaser is ready to dedicate himself to his authorial career. “I started creating music before the tribute, but I had a block. I thought it wouldn’t work. I recorded, produced, finalized and never released”, reveals the singer to Tangerine.

The next release of Teaser will be the track Ever, scheduled for November 4th. The composition was made in a studio in Rio de Janeiro, together with Pablo Bispo, Ruxell and Sérgio Santos, known for working with names such as Gloria Groove and Iza. The partnership with the producers had already appeared in Much morecreated in the same session.

“During a break, we started playing and the mood of the music and the melody of Semper appeared”, he says about the unpretentious process. With a slower sound, the unreleased track will still win a clip in which Rodrigo Teaser dances alongside one of the former dancers of his tour.

“I really like Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. Interestingly, these guys all drink from Michael’s fountain. They are universes that are not so far away”, describes the singer when talking about his references to his authorial career. In addition to being a fan since the age of nine, Teaser is considered the main cover of the king of pop in Latin America.

A lover of pop and R&B, he remembers hearing that musical styles would not be successful in Portuguese. “People said my sound had a ‘Michael feel’, with a negative tone. But all these singers have it too. That’s a compliment,” he says. “I got to thinking if I should look for another vocal personality. But it doesn’t affect me anymore. Michael is such a great artist that the whole world is inspired.”

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Track integrates Rodrigo Teaser’s authorial career

After having already settled with the King of Pop tributein which Rodrigo Teaser uses his own voice in Michael Jackson covers, the singer began to rehearse an authorial career with the track hey, launched seven years ago. The song became part of the end of his show, when he already appeared uncharacterized on stage. “It is very important that I take my place. It was really cool, because it justified the fact that I wasn’t there like Michael. It closes a cycle,” he explains.

The new release also prepares the ground for more complete works. Teaser says he wants to dedicate himself to his debut album soon. “The tribute requires a lot of attention and care, but it is a product that already has a life of its own, it walks alone. And I feel safer to be able to focus on authorship”, she justifies.

Rodrigo Teaser goes on international tour

Rodrigo Teaser dressed as Michael Jackson in concert

Rodrigo Teaser during US tour

Disclosure / Betinho Alvares

The new breath in the authorial career arrives shortly after Rodrigo Teaser’s first international tour since the beginning of the pandemic. He made his US debut at Palladium Square in New York. Then he went on to Orlando and Los Angeles. the three shows Michael Lives Forever featured members of Jackson’s original band.

Teaser had already performed alongside the choreographer Lavalle Smith Jr. and the guitarist Jennifer Battenbut it was the first time he took the stage with Kevin Dorsey, vocal director and backing singer on the King of Pop tours. “As much as you watch different shows and use them as a reference, when you meet these people, it takes it to another level. You have access to very direct information on how Michael liked, wanted or played the shows”, explains the singer.

In September, Rodrigo Teaser also traveled to Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. He says that, in each country, he felt a different reception from the public. “In Dubai, where I thought people would be more repressed, we were surprised. They would stand, shout my name and dance,” he recalls.

Expectations aren’t too different when he’s on a national tour. “I always have to be aware that I am representing an art that is not mine. I have in my mind that what the public is expecting may be more or less than what I will offer. I have to always be prepared,” he explains. “I’m dealing with fans of an artist who was very grandiose and who delivered a very extreme show.”

‘I had to earn respect’

Rodrigo Teaser dressed as Michael Jackson in concert

Rodrigo Teaser during a show at Palladium Square in New York

Rodrigo Teaser also points out a difference he felt backstage, in relation to the producers and contractors he met on the tour. “Here in Brazil, I had to earn respect. I had to sell out concert halls for them to see the value of the presentation. Outside, I noticed a different posture,” he points out.

The Michael Jackson tribute tour requires investment and has two stage elevators, lasers, among other special effects, explains Teaser. “It’s something I know that many big-name Brazilian artists don’t take on a trip,” he says. Even after having passed through large venues, such as the former Tom Brasil and Espaços das Américas (in São Paulo) or Vivo Rio, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, he still felt disrespect from contractors from other cities.

The situation changed in 2017. Rodrigo Teaser performed on the Digital Stage of Rock in Rio as cover of Michael Jackson. In the same year, he even paid tribute in a special aired by multishow. The singer makes it clear that the obstacles have always been with those involved in event organizations. “Obviously there are fans of Michael who don’t like it, I don’t expect to be unanimous. But with the ones that go on the show, I’ve never had a problem with them looking like minor art.”

The international tour also opened doors to new opportunities. Last week, Teaser returned to Dubai to perform at a private company event. “In all these places, there were producers from other countries, who were interested. It is very likely that we will come back and do a series of other shows”, she celebrates.