Ryan Reynolds to Star in Disney Parks Attraction Film

Ryan Reynolds to Star in Disney Parks Attraction Film

the star Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool and Free Guy) signed a contract with ma disney to star in and produce a live-action film of the attraction Society of Explorers and Adventurers, popular at company parks. According to THR, the star’s intention is to create a franchise on the toy.

The live-action film will be written by Thu Nguyen, who co-writer of Raya and the Last Dragon and writer of and co-director of the upcoming animated film Strange World. Production will be handled by Reynolds’ company. Also according to THR, the film will be filmed before Deadpool 3, which was recently delayed.

Society of Explorers and Adventurers began in Japan and was soon copied to other Disney parks. In fiction, the society was founded in 1538 in Italy and expanding across the world as an organization consisting not only of explorers and adventurers, but also scientists, artists, and travelers.

The film has yet to receive a synopsis or release date. The most recent Disney parks toy movie was Jungle Cruise.

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