Second season gets incredible poster with Gabriel Leone; look

Second season gets incredible poster with Gabriel Leone;  look

O Prime Video released today (16) the first official art of the second season of SUN. Check it out below:

New season arrives on the platform in March 17th.

Inspired by facts, the production tells the story of how Pedro Dom (Gabriel Leone), son of policeman Victor (Flavio Tolezani), became leader of a criminal faction in Rio de Janeiro.

Read the synopsis: “The series tells the story of a handsome middle-class boy from Rio de Janeiro who was introduced to cocaine in his teens, setting him on the path to becoming the leader of a criminal gang that dominated the Rio de Janeiro tabloids in the early 2000s. : Pedro Dom. Alternating between action, adventure and drama, Dom also follows Pedro’s father, Victor Dantas, who, as a teenager, makes a discovery at the bottom of the sea, reports it to the authorities and ends up joining the police intelligence service”.

The cast also has Filipe Bragança, Raquel Villar, Isabella Santoni, Ramon Francisco, Digão Ribeiro and more.

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