Shygirl: Spring attraction wants to feat with Pabllo Vittar

Shygirl: Spring attraction wants to feat with Pabllo Vittar

Attraction confirmed from Primavera Sound in Sao Paulo, Shygirl advance partnership plans with Pablo Vittar. The singer became friends with the Brazilian and has already discussed the feat by message, but she is waiting for the right moment. “I hope we have time when I’m in Brazil, because I don’t like to do everything over the internet, I want to enjoy the process,” she says.

The 29-year-old Brit had the chance to watch the Pabllo Vittar concert during Coachella. The reaction was surprising. “I was filled with tears. This doesn’t happen normally. I was moved, because I felt it was such a special moment and she was 100% present”, praises Shygirl in conversation with the Tangerine. “I think the public will appreciate a partnership if we have the time. It might not be as soon as people want, but I’m sure it will happen.”

The singer is confirmed for November 5 at Primavera Sound, same date as Arctic Monkeys and Björk. This will be her first trip to the country. “I feel that Brazil and I have a lot in common. There is a hedonism and a sensuality that I associate with Brazil. and I can’t wait to experiment with people live,” explains Shygirl. “I am ready to be inspired by what Brazil has to offer.”

Shygirl releases first album

Before the festival, Shygirl prepares for the release of her debut studio album. With 12 tracks, nymph is expected to be released on September 30. The project succeeds the EPs Cruel Practice (2018) and By the way (2020). “My label had talked about making a mixtape, but I said I wanted an album, I wanted to challenge myself,” she recalls. “For me, this album has a certain quiet confidence. I wanted to assure you that I have space as a musician, which I personally don’t think anyone else does.”

Listen to Shygirl’s Coochie (a bedtime story)

The song is part of the singer’s first album, Nymph

Known as a “It-Girl from London“, Shygirl used to write songs during bus and subway trips around the city, influenced by the urban environment. During the pandemic, she found new creativity by composing Alias ​​(2020) all at home. For the first album, she lived a new reality.

“By June, I was doing three shows a week, plus press interviews and working on music videos. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but I kind of like the extremes,” she says. The tight deadlines of the new project revealed a new source of inspiration. “If I have little time to work on something, it has to mean something to me. It can’t be superficial, because I’m using all my energy to make it real.”

Among friends

Nymph repeats partnerships with artists who have become friends with Shygirl, including the Venezuelan singer and DJ Arkthe producer Mura Masa and the american bloodpop (what appeared on Beyoncé’s latest album). “Through the musicians I work with, I found who I am and a confirmation of what I have to offer”, he explains about faithfulness in choosing partners.

The friendships then present since the beginning of the career of Shygirl, whose birth name is Blane Muise. She started making songs for fun together with the Irish Sega Bodega in 2016. Since the beginning, the releases took place by the Nuxxecreated by the duo with the French Coucou Chloe. The passion for music was what drove her to start taking some jobs as a DJ. Two years later, she quit her job at a design agency to follow her new dream.

Since then, Shygirl has gained greater recognition on the international stage with some partnerships, such as Papi Boneslaunched by FKA Twigs. Now, the singer celebrates her maturity in the profession. “I didn’t love doing shows at first. It didn’t give me life. I felt like it was something that needed to be done, something for each other,” she recalls. “When I started tuning my performance to what I wanted to see, I enjoyed it more. It’s been nice to see my growth. It’s like when you start going to the gym and see results. It becomes kind of addictive.”