The Thing, negotiates to run DC Films

The Thing, negotiates to run DC Films

the search for Warner Bros. Discovery by “Kevin Feige of A.D” may have come to an end. According to THR, Dan Lin, producer of Aladdin, Godzilla vs. Kong, It: The Thing and More, would be negotiating with to take charge of the DC Filmswhere he will direct productions for cinema and TV.

Also according to the website, Lin would take over after a transition period with Walter Hamada – who will soon leave the division head – and would report directly to David Zaslav, CEO of WBD. The producer was suggested by Alan Hornformer president of Warner who also served as a counselor at disney.

In addition to producing successful feature films, Lin also has extensive TV experience, having overseen the series Walker, Lethal Weapon and the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Netflix.

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