Will Blink-182 Return With Tom DeLonge? Bassist talks

Will Blink-182 Return With Tom DeLonge?  Bassist talks

Rumors about a meeting of the Blink 182, with the return of vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge, have intensified in recent days. Even a possibility of a show at Lollapalooza Brasil 2023 was reported by the press. But, officially, nothing is confirmed yet by the band, one of the biggest symbols of pop punk.

In fact, a statement by bassist Mark Hoppus put a chill on the fans’ expectations. For others, however, the band would just be doing suspense before the official announcement.

Everything started to heat up when DeLonge, who had left the band in 2015 to think about other things, posted a photo (above) with Blink-182 on his Instagram last Sunday (31). Without any caption, the image only featured the vocalist, Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker very young. It was enough for fans to connect the dots and decree a meeting.

However, Hoppus used his Discord page to calm things down. “There is no news to share. There is no ad. Today we complete 30 years of Blink-182!”, wrote the bassist.

“If and when Blink has any announcements about anything, you’ll hear it here or on Blink-182’s official pages. Not on a radio station like ‘tune in for a big announcement… Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.’

But it wasn’t all hopelessness. Hoppus took the opportunity to say that, as much as Blink-182 does not have any shows scheduled, the band “will be touring again and, when one of them is scheduled and confirmed, we will announce it”. He did not make it clear, however, if it would be with DeLonge on vocals or with Matt Skiba, who replaced the singer from 2015.

Tom DeLonge founded Blink-182 alongside Mark Hoppus in 1992. He left the band in 2015 saying he wanted to “change the world for my kids and for everyone”. Since then, Skiba, revealed by the Alkaline Trio, has stepped in and toured with the band. Meanwhile, DeLonge has released music and played shows with his other project, Angels and Airwaves. The most recent record, Lifeforms, came out in 2021.